Current Students


Teaching/ Administration Building

Fong Yun Wah Hall
Fong Shu Chuen Building
Wong Foo Yuan Building
Wu Ho Man Yuen Building
Ho Tim Building
Esther Lee Building
Li Wai Chun Building

Sino Building
Chung Chi College Administration Building
Yasumoto International Academic Park
Hui Yeung Shing Building
Chen Kou Bun Building
Inter-university Hall
An Integrated Teaching Building



Amenities/ Service Buildings

Chung Chi Student Development Complex (CCSDC)

Kunkle Student Centre (CCSDC-Low Block)
Leung Fung Yee Building (CCSDC-High Block)

Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre

Elisabeth Luce Moore Library
Lee Hysan Concert Hall
President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building
Chung Chi College Archive
Chung Chi College Chapel

Multi-purpose Hall
C.K.Tse Room
Chung Chi Tang

Shen's General Education Resource Centre
Tang Ngan Leng Centre for General Science Education
Lingnan Stadium
Pommerenke Student Centre
Orchid Lodge

Staff Club



The Soaring Fifty Golden Jubilee Sculpture
Sculpture “The Spring of Wisdom”
Lake Ad Excellentiam
Sculpture “众”
Ad Excellentiam Pavilion
The Arched Bridge and The Crooked Bridge
Philosophy Path


Alumni Garden and Memorial Garden of Dr. Lin Dao Yang
Chung Chi Gate
Chung Chi Piazza
Couplet of Original Chung Chi Gate
Outdoor Theatre and Stage (Class 1974)
Lion Pavilion