General Education

Frequently Asked Questions



  • What should I do if I cannot attend GECC4130 in Term 1 of my final year because of an exchange or internship program?
    • If you are a Year 2 or 3 student and plan to join an exchange or internship programme in your final year which may clash with GECC4130, you are advised to consider enrolling in the 3 unit upper-year GE course before your final year. Apart from GECC4130, other upper-year electives include GECC3130 Exploration and Discovery and GECC3230 Service-Learning. However, please note that the quotas for GECC3130 and GECC3230 are limited and both courses require a selection process.
    • For students who have planned or confirmed to take part in any exchange or internship programme in Term 1 of their final year, they will extend their expected graduation term and defer the course enrolment to Term 1 of the next academic year in normal circumstances. To postpone the enrolment, the students should inform the College GE Office via email as soon as possible pending the Office’s confirmation for records.
    • For eligible students of GECC4130, the pre-registration must be completed within the designated period. Otherwise, the course enrolment will be automatically postponed to the next academic year or afterward. No pre-assignment of the course will be made to the students.

  • Can I attend GECC4130 while joining an exchange or internship programme?
    • Owing to the exchange or internship programme etc., students in suspension status shall not attend any CUHK courses under normal circumstances.

  • If I am currently suspending my studies, should I pre-register for GECC4130 for the next academic year?
    • The pre-registration should still be completed if you plan to take the course next year and are now in suspension status.

  • When should I attend GECC4130 if I was admitted to Senior-Year Places or with Advanced Standing?
    • For Senior-Year Places, students should attend the course in their 2nd year of attendance or above. For those admitted with Advanced Standing and approval of a 1-year reduction of the normative period, they should attend the course in their 3rd year of attendance or above.

  • What should I do if there are only two or three members in my group?
    • Normally, a group should consist of four students. If your group cannot meet the requirement, grouping assistance offered by the College GE Office will be available. Please fill in the relevant form within the designated period and send it to the Office for follow-up.

  • Can I form a group with Year 2 or 3 students?
    • You can form a group with the eligible students below:

      • students who reach their 4th year of attendance or above; or
      • students who were admitted to Senior-Year Places reach their 2nd year of attendance or above; or
      • students who were admitted with Advanced Standing and approval of a 1-year reduction of the normative period reach the 3rd year of attendance or above.

  • Is the English class offered for GECC4130?
    • Yes, English classes are available. You may form an English-speaking group with students from different majors. Please state your language preference in the online registration.

  • Can I revise the topic after pre-registration?
    • Yes. Upon consultation and approval from your course supervisor, your group may revise the topic. In case of any approved change, please inform the College GE office about the revised topic for official records.

  • Can I apply for late registration or withdrawal from the course after the pre-registration period?
    • For any late registration or withdrawal after the pre-registration, students will be subject to a grade penalty of up to one letter grade in the final course result, provided that the request is only considered under special circumstances.

  • Is the coursework of GECC4130 conducted in Term 1 or the preceding summer?
    • Grouping, topic formation, and planning are to be completed in Term 2 of the preceding year (normally Year 3 Term 2) while the process of research and analysis is to be carried out during the summer. Then, students will attend classes in the subsequent term of the final year (normally Year 4 Term 1) to engage in presentations, commentary and discussions as well as to submit a final written report.