About Chung Chi

Message from College Head

Founded in 1951, Chung Chi College adheres to the educational mission of our founders, and endeavours to nurture talents with insightful knowledge, a liberal attitude, and a global horizon.


Dedicated to keeping abreast of the times, the College attaches great importance to students’ whole-person development by curating a broad variety of non-formal education programmes, including but not limited to the mainland and overseas exchange and cultural explorations; music, arts, and sports initiatives; and language enhancement activities. Through active engagement, students can enhance personal growth, broaden their global horizons, and boost holistic wellness. On top of it, Chung Chi’s award and subsidy schemes motivate students to pursue their goals, unleash potential and creativity, develop interests, and equip themselves to be future leaders.


In a bid to inspire students’ independent and creative thinking, the College General Education fosters their pursuit of academic excellence and enriches their knowledge through thematic study trips, guided project-based learning, and group discussions. Furthermore, the College upholds the spirit of serving and learning through the provision of service-learning programmes. Through planning and implementing related activities, students can have a better understanding of the socially disadvantaged group and the value of life, and in turn, foster their self-exploration and giving back to society.


Located in proximity to the University MTR station, the College campus is embraced with picturesque landscapes rich in lush greeneries and the supreme tranquility of Tolo Harbour. Thanks to the generous support of various parties since its establishment, the College has been equipped with comprehensive facilities, covering canteens, a library, a stadium, and hostels, to fulfill students’ needs. To meet the changing demands of the community, the College is committed to enhancing the campus environment, such as beautifying the College’s iconic landmarks including Lake Ad Excellentiam; and revamping learning facilities like the General Education Centre. The newly built Chung Chi Student Development Complex has full-fledged amenities, offering extensive and multifunctional learning and activity spaces to new generations of students, and further boosting the development of non-formal education in our College.


As a vibrant and dynamic community, the College provides ample opportunities for students of diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds to interact, mingle with, and learn from one another. We truly welcome students to embark on their colourful, joyful, and meaningful university journey here!


Professor Kwan Mei Po

Head of Chung Chi College