General Education


The Chung Chi College General Education grew out of an original Philosophy of Life programme suggested by the founders of the College. It is continually guided by the General Education Committee and is required of all students.


"The Course “Philosophy of Life” is planned not so much as a teaching course but as a Conversation. It is a conversation between each student and the great minds of the past, both Chinese and Western. It is also, through the tutors who lead the classes, a conversation between each student and current thinking about life and life’s meaning. The Course is planned to be the beginning of a conversation between you and your experience in life. We hope you will continue this conversation through out your life." | Conversation by Bishop Ronald Owen Hall, Address at the First Baccalaureate Service of Chung Chi College, 23rd June 1955


The programme seeks to broaden the interests of students and give them a wider perspective than those their major and minor subjects provide. It recognizes, in particular, their common need for:

  1. Knowledge of the nature and structure, purposes and functions of modern university education, particularly its emphasis on rational thinking.
  2. A critical awareness and appreciation of the main cultural traditions of China and the West.
  3. An understanding of the modern scientific point of view and of the intrinsic significance of the sciences (natural and social) and their relation to society and culture.
  4. An ability to face contemporary and perennial issues of life and their challenge to rational inquiry, discussion, and personal commitment.


The Chung Chi College General Education encourages students to explore their potential, adapt to university life and acknowledge the main characteristics of university study. The College General Education also aspires to enhance students’ ability to communicate and cooperate with classmates and teachers from different academic and cultural backgrounds as well as developing teambuilding skills that are essential to cross disciplinary cooperation.


The College General Education features both depth and breadth of knowledge. It is a challenging yet meaningful task to students. The wide coverage and rich content may be arduous but will be amply rewarding, students are assured to benefit a great deal by participating actively in both inside and outside classroom activities, playing an active role in group discussions with the awareness of the importance of laying aside prejudices and preconceived ideas.