Current Students

Lakeside Walks

"Lakeside Walks” aims to enhance students’ awareness and understanding of physical, mental and spiritual well-being through different kinds of programmes. Activities under “Lakeside Walks” are devoted to help students to relax their body, mind and soul, to adjust their hectic paces to deal with stress and environmental shocks, so as to resolve and transform the difficulties they face into new vigour of lives. Through cultivating students’ enjoyment and appreciation of life, it is hoped that students can develop their full potential while leading an enriched, wonderful and soulful life. 


Workshops and activities under the “Lakeside Walk” Series cover a wide range of themes. Activities like self-understanding workshop, Japanese-style pastel nagomi art experiential workshop, life and meditation, decluttering workshop, mindful yoga, zentangle classes, etc. were held in the past years.


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