General Education

GECC4130 Senior Seminar

3 units | upper-year elective


This is a student-oriented teaching (STOT) capstone course for senior year students. Students will form an interdisciplinary team to conduct a small group research on topics of interdisciplinary nature, current affairs, cross-disciplinary knowledge or daily life issues.


Students are required to pre-register for the course in the second term of the preceding year, normally the 3rd year of study (Y3T2). With preliminary work and most of the research being carried out in the second term and the summer of the preceding academic year, students enroll in the course in Term 1, normally in the 4th year of study (Y4T1), will deliver an oral presentation, exchange ideas with one another in a seminar context, and submit a written work.


This course cultivates knowledge and skills in problem solving, critical thinking and value judgment; nurtures appropriate attitude and techniques in cross-disciplinary collaborations, rational and contributive teamwork as well as analyses with multiple perspectives.


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