General Education

GECC3330 Innovation and Knowledge Application

3 units | upper-year elective


Students in small groups will apply cross-disciplinary and extracurricular knowledge to devise an innovation strategy with the objective of popularising specialised knowledge in the public discourse. The innovation may be, but not limited to, a campaign, broadcast programme, social media channel, content curation, publication, documentary, workshop, F2F or online course, symposium, product, service, experiential activity, startup, among others.


The innovation has the mission of disseminating expert knowledge to non-expert audiences, serving as an interface between expert knowledge to a self-select target audience, e.g. young learners in primary school or below, secondary school students, or even the general public with no restriction to age or knowledge background. The idea should be desirable, feasible and sustainable, and bring positive social impacts. Each group will formulate and present their proposal or action plan, explain their design thinking. It is not necessary to implement the whole idea but the group is required to illustrate the expected production of their idea with a mockup / prototype / sample / scaled-down pilot trial.


While the course is normally offered to students in the second term of their third year (Y3T2), they are required to form an interdisciplinary team, prepare a preliminary plan, find a supervisor, and pre-register for the course in the preceding term (Y3T1).