General Education

GECC1131 Idea of a University: Student-Oriented Teaching

1 unit | Year 1 | Term 1


This is a student-oriented small group tutorial course connected to GECC1130 lectures. Through discussions and reports on topics related to university education and university life, the course allows students to examine and reflect on the aims of university education, the role of a university student, and the responsibility of a citizen in a global context; and explore different contemporary and perennial issues of ethics, life and values. The course also facilitates students’ adaptation to the campus life and trains them to learn actively through reflective thinking, rational inquiries, discussion, and personal commitment.


Student-Oriented Teaching (STOT) tutorials can be conducted in different modes of instruction, e.g. discussion, debate, seminar, and buzz groups, among others, which encourages active learning. Students can decide their study topics with their individual tutorial class teachers. Depending on the discussion topics and modes of instruction, teachers can consider outdoor teaching or class meetings at the Shen’s General Education Resource Centre (located next to the college library), which is a cozy and relaxing place ideal for interactive classroom activities.


The enrollment of this course is in connection with the 2-unit course GECC1130 “Idea of a University”. Non-Cantonese-speaking students can enroll in GEJC1120 & GEJC1110 as a substitute for GECC1130 & GECC1131