General Education

GECC1130 Idea of a University

2 units | Year 1 | Term 1

This is an introductory course for freshmen to develop an understanding and appreciation of university education, the origins, traditions and objectives of universities, and their relationships with the contemporary society. Facilitation of students’ adaptation to the campus life is also an important objective of the course.

The themes of the course include History and Heritage of Chung Chi College, University Studies and University Life. The course is conducted in lectures or dialogues between guest speakers and moderators.

The enrollment of this course is in connection with the 1-unit course GECC1131 “Idea of a University: Student-oriented Teaching” (STOT). Non-Cantonese-speaking students can enroll in GEJC1120 & GEJC1110 as substitute for GECC1130 & GECC1131.