General Education

GECC3130  Exploration and Discovery

3 units | upper-year elective

The course Exploration and Discovery (EnD) features the synergy of supervised projects and designated College learning programmes, for instance, social-cultural exploration trips, thematic study trips, leadership programmes or other prescribed sets of learning offerings. Students participating in the same learning programme will conduct a project in an interdisciplinary team.


Students will learn through first-hand experiences as well as various learning activities from the learning programme. Each group will conduct a project to investigate a special topic under the scope of the learning programme.

While the course is normally offered to students in the first term of their third or fourth year (Y3T1 or Y4T1), they must make pre-registration in the second term of the preceding year (Y2T2 or Y3T2), through applying and passing the selection for a designated College learning programme.


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