Pastoral Care

Luncheon Talk / Lunch Gathering of Pastoral and Spiritual Care Committee 2022

During term time, the Chaplain’s Office presents monthly luncheon talks planned by the Pastoral and Spiritual Care Committee; besides, the Chaplain’s Office provides support to colleagues who may have the need of pastoral care.


2023 | 2022

17 November 2022

(The Rev. Lam Chun, Tim)

20 October 2022

(Prof. Ko Wing Hung)

22 September 2022

(Prof. Kung Lap Yan)

26 May 2022

(Dr. Cheung Mei Chun Jane)

31 March 2022

(Dr. Cheung Man Chung)

24 February 2022

(Dr. Christopher Fung)

27 January 2022

(The Rev. Wong Ka Fai)