General Education

Shen’s General Education Resource Centre

General Education is an integral part of the College’s aim in education. In view of this, the recommendation of establishing an Integrative Basic Studies Resource Centre was brought up and then approved in August 1981. The task of planning and implementation was long but fruitful. By September 1984, the Resource Centre was opened for staff and students. The Centre was relocated adjacent to the Elisabeth Luce Moore Library in September 2015.


In 2016, to honour Dr. Philip Shen’s contribution to Integrative Basic Studies and salute his impact on general education, the College placed his memorial bust at the centre and named the IBS Resource Centre as “Shen’s General Education Resource Centre”.


The Resource Centre is established with the following aims:


1. to assist, develop and implement the General Education;

2. to assist, promote and develop non-formal education activities on campus;

3. to provide relevant student resources and aid for self-learning;

4. to organize general education activities.


The Centre specializes in the collection of articles, reports and other non-book and audio-visual materials on the idea of university education, university life, the main cultural traditions of China and the West, perspectives in different disciplines as well as an exemplary collection of past students’ reports submitted for the general education courses “Senior Seminar" and "Exploration and Discovery". It also maintains a reading corner where a substantial collection of university student reading materials and books of interests are available. A group study room equipped with a TV connectable with laptops is also available for students’ booking for study purposes such as presentation rehearsals and group discussions. Teachers and students are encouraged to visit the Centre to access the various learning resources and also to make use of the relaxed space for informal gatherings.


The primary goal of general education is to broaden the students’ horizon and to give them a wider perspective other than their major and minor subjects. In the pursuit of this goal, the Shen’s General Education Resource Centre needs the support from various sources. Participation, suggestion and donation of funds, materials or equipment from interested persons are welcome. To support the development of General Education, donation to Dr. Philip Shen Memorial Fund is welcome. Further information is available from Chung Chi College General Education Office.