Student Development

Be Active Prorgamme



To enhance students' awareness and participation in sport activities and to develop their interest, the programme subsidises Chung Chi students to attend short-term sport courses (minimum 4 sessions or 12 hours lessons for each course). Course

format can be practical and technical.


Courses Subsidised 


The courses like distance education or learning computer software would not be considered for the subsidy.


Authorised Institutions/ Organisers 


  1. National sports associations under the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
  2. Non-profit making organisations in Hong Kong
  3. Application will be reviewed by the Physical Education Committee if organisers could not fulfil either one of conditions above


Subsidy Details 


Attendance: Only students with their attendance record of 80% or above can apply for the subsidy.


Subsidy: The maximum subsidy is 70% of the tuition fee or HK$2000, whichever lower. Other miscellaneous fees required will not be included in the scheme.


Quota: 100 per year


The maximum number of applications equals to the normative study period (NSP). i.e. Student with NSP of 4 years can apply for subsidy for at most 4 courses.


Application period: For graduated year student, the sport course must end on or before 31 July. For graduated year student who graduated in first semester, the sport course must end on or before 31 December.




Students should enroll in the sport course themselves, and check closely to see whether the institutions /organisers fall within the scope of the subsidy. If you are still uncertain about the nature of the institutions /organisers, please contact

the responsible staff at college and check with them.


Please bring the following documents in person to Student Development Office within 2 months after course completion.


  1. The filled application form of “Be Active” (The application form can be downloaded from our webpage)
  2. The original receipt of the sport course fee
  3. The attendance certification (e-copy is also accepted)
  4. The course outline (e-copy is also accepted)
  5. A reflection, some photos or a video related to the course (e-copy is also accepted)
  • Either in English or Chinese; English: > 150 words; Chinese: > 200 words; no. of photos: optional; video format: mp4, length: optional

After verifying the eligibility and required documents, the subsidy will be issued by a bank transfer.





Address: Student Development Office, CCC, 4/F, Pommerenke Student Centre