Student Development

Learning Arts Programme

With the aim of increasing Chung Chi students' understanding and interest in art, the Programme subsidizes Chung Chi students' enrolment in short art courses offered by recognized organizations. The nature of courses can be practical, technical, theoretical, appreciative and historical etc.


The recognized organizations and areas of arts are listed below.


Courses will not be subsidized if they are distance learning courses, focus on software teaching, require participants to have that particular art training for one year or above.


The Programme is reviewed and updated from time to time. Students are advised to read the details before applying for art courses and the Programme.


Recognized Organizations


 Areas of Arts

Visual Arts

  • Chinese Painting: Landscape, Flowers and Birds, Figures, Modern Ink and Water
  • Western Painting: Drawing, Watercolour, Oil, Mixed Media
  • Calligraphy: Seal Script, Clerical Script, Standard Script, Running Script, Cursive Script
  • Seal Engraving
  • Print-making: Relief, Intaglio, Screen, Planographic
  • Sculpture: Clay and Plaster, Wood, Stone, Metal, Other Materials
  • Craft: Ceramics, Glass, Fiber, Knitting, Other Materials
  • Installation Art
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Design
  • Photography


Performing Arts

  • Music (Introductory Courses - Instruments)
  • Music (Introductory Course - Vocal Singing)
  • Chinese Dance: Classical Dance, Folk Dance
  • Western Dance: Ballet, Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Modern Jazz, Ballroom Dance, Other National Dances
  • Drama: Acting, Directing, Script Writing, Stage Technique


Integrative Arts

  • Video
  • Filming                                                




  1. Chung Chi students who have achieved 80% attendance or above of the enrolled course are eligible to apply for the subsidy.
  2. The subsidy covers 70% of the tuition fee, or $1,000, whichever the lower. Material fee, equipment fee or other fees will be not subsidized.
  3. Students admitted to the 4-year normative curriculum are entitled to subsidy for 4 courses during their study period (3 courses for those admitted to the 3-year curriculum, 2 courses for 2-year programme students and 1 course for exchange students).
  4. Final year students can apply for subsidy to courses completed by 31 August in their graduation year. Students whose final term of studies is in the first academic term can apply for subsidy to courses completed by 31 December.


Application Procedures

  1. Students have to apply for the courses by themselves. Please consult the Programme Office in advance if there is uncertainty of whether the course is deemed recognized by the Programme.
  2. Please bring the following documents to the Programme Office (Room M2, Chung Chi College Administration Building) within 2 months after the completion of the courses:
  1. Completed Application Form (applicable to the first application)  download the Form here
  2. Original copy of the course fee receipt
  3. Certificate of attendance issued by the course organizer

* Submitted form are kept by the Office. Applicants submitting a second or further applications should approach the Office to retrieve their form for subsequent application.

  1. Upon successful approval, subsidy will be offered by cheque or bank transfer.


Sharing & Reflections

Applicants are more than welcome to share their artworks, photos, videos, feedback or reflections of the courses with us at; artwork may be delivered to the Programme Office. Suitable pieces will be uploaded to the Programme website.



Telephone: 3943 6020 / 3943 6444