Student Development

FLY Award– Find a Learning Opportunity Yourself 

FLY Award aims to enrich Chung Chi students’ international exposure and motivate students to explore their potential through learning abroad. Students are encouraged to further their personal development with an international perspective, participate in short-term non-local programmes or activities organized by recognized institutes, academies or organizations. Programmes organized and/or subsidized by the College will not be considered for this Award.


Eligibility and Award Amount

Each student will be granted the Award up to two times within the normative study period for activities in two different natures. Successful applicants will receive each time an award up to HK$10,000 or 50% of their actual expenses, whichever the lower.  The College reserves the right of the decision on the Award amount.



The College provides EYE (Excel Yourself through Exploration) Award for exchange and non-local programmes organized by the College, and FLY (Find a Learning opportunity Yourself) Award for outreaching activities organized by recognized parties. Please observe the following regulations on quota arrangement:

Each CC student has two quotas of EYE and FLY Awards, which can be -

1 EYE Award + 1 FLY Award,

OR  2 EYE Awards,

OR 2 FLY Awards.


Activities Abroad and Learning Outcomes

Students are encouraged to explore different learning opportunities overseas, including but not limited to:

1. Professional Training / Interest Course    2. Volunteer Service           3. Competition / Performance
4. Conference / Symposium                          5. Internship/ Field Trip      6. Short-Term Academic Course


which are able to achieve at least one of the following learning outcomes:

  • To gain professional development of knowledge or skills; develop positive attitudes and values;
  • To develop a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement; 
  • To recognize cultural diversity and demonstrate the ability to take another’s perspective;
  • To apply the knowledge or experience earned to local or global contexts.


The College reserves the right to decide if the activities are eligible for such Award.


Application Schedule for 2023/24 :

Applying for activity taken during

Submission Deadline

Result Announcement (Normally)

January-August 2024

February 19, 2024

April 2024

Interviews may be arranged for further assessment. Students should apply online before the commencement of the activity.


Award Claiming Requirements:

Successful applicants have to submit the followings within one month after the activities abroad or the release of application result, whichever the later. The College reserves the right to withdraw the Award for applicants who fail to submit the required items in a timely manner.


  1. A 2-3 minute video to summarize your learning experience (in Chinese OR English, with script submitted in separate Word file)
  2. A reflective essay (Not less than 500 words in Chinese OR English, insert snapshots where appropriate)
  3. 5 photos (in JPEG & 2-10MB each, with captions in Chinese AND English)
  4. Original receipts of the trip expense as stated in the budget plan


College also reserves the right to edit and publish the video, essay or photos you submitted in full or in part on College website and publications. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Kenji Chan at 3943 6989/ or Ms. Catherine Chung at 3943 8009 /


Application Online

The Submission Dealine: Monday, February 19, 2024