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Space Ad Excellentiam Interior Design Competition





Space Ad Excellentiam, is the new wellness space located at new Kunkle Student Centre, aims to facilitate students' holistic wellness and ultimately motivate students to pursue the fullness of life, which also echoes the College's motto, “In Search of Excellence"



 1st Runner Up:

CHAN Kwan Wing Jaimie (Laws/4)

KWAN Ho Chi (Architectural Studies/2)


WONG Wai Hiu (Urban Studies/1)


*The Prize Presentation had been held during the Chung Chi Assembly on 24th March, 2023.





Function of Space Ad Excellentiam :

  • Create a welcoming, embracing and refreshing atmosphere to conduct spiritual enhancement activities
  • Provide a cozy space to conduct self-care workshops
  • Meditation retreat


The interior design should include:

  • Multi-functioned activity space
  • Prayer room /Meditation room
  • Reception counter and office desk for 2 staff
  • Elements of universal design and with high accessibility


Target Users:

  • All Chung Chi College students



  • Champion: HKD$5,000 and a certificate
  • 1st Runner-up: HKD$3,000 and a certificate
  • 2nd Runner-up: HKD$1,500 and a certificate
  • Merit: HKD$800 and a certificate


Judging Panel:

  • Mr. Karl Chan, Architect of the Student Development Complex, Leigh & Orange Ltd
  • Student Wellness Committee
  • Representative of the Task Force on Spiritual Enhancement



  • All Chung Chi College students

                  Individuals or teams are welcome


Judging Criteria & Requirements:

  • Utility – meet the intended purpose and needs of the users (40%)
  • Creativity – instill new ideas in the design (30%)
  • Functionality – ease of use, safety and maintenance (20%)
  • Feasibility of production – turn the design idea into production (10%)


Submission requirement

Entries should be based on Space Ad Excellentiam floor plan1 and incorporated the concept of promoting student wellness to create a welcoming and relaxing space for Chung Chi College Students.

Content must include:

a. A design summary2

b. 2D or 3D graphics of floor plan3



  • Champion: HK$5,000 and a certificate
  • 1st Runner-up: HK$3,000 and a certificate
  • 2nd Runner-up: HK$1,500 and a certificate
  • Merits: HK$800 and a certificate