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Unexpected Rewards from Cross-Regional Exchanges


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Since early 2023, the University has been back to normal in phases, and Chung Chi College resumed a number of local and overseas exchange events during the last summer vacation, attracting a lot of Chung Chi-ers. Mr. Hok Sam Siriasavakul, a Year Two Chung Chi student majoring in Quantitative Finance, took a proactive approach to join the College’s exchange activities last year, including Lo Foo Cheung Greater Bay Area Study Tour 2023 and Student Leadership Exchange Camp 2023. He also stays alert to the College updates and joins other events of different natures. How does he feel about such exchange activities? Does he find them rewarding?


Q: Why were you interested in the GBA Tour? What special experience did you get?


I have long been interested in meeting people of different cultural backgrounds, and curious about whether the lives of university students in our neighbourhood are different from ours. As I played the role of Tour Head, I would approach other tour members from the Mainland and Macau, and got to know their needs. Meanwhile, we would share our homeland culture and lifestyle. While chatting, I was surprised that though we are university students of similar ages, the lifestyles of the Mainland, Macau, and Hong Kong are way too different in some aspects like the weather, living environment, and daily routines, among others.


During the exchange activities, Mr. Chan (2nd right) was surprised that the lifestyles of the Mainland, Macau, and Hong Kong are way too different in some aspects like weather, living environment, and daily routines, among others.


Q: What memorable experience did you gain in the Student Leadership Exchange Camp 2023?


In the Exchange Camp, there were group participants from two to three Catholic universities in Taiwan. While interacting with them, I got to know Catholicism and had a better understanding of this religion. On the other hand, I showed hospitality by accompanying them to several famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong. I also enjoyed being a “visitor” with wholehearted dedication. During this period, I met a Taiwanese student who shares a common interest of watching baseball games. We exchanged our thoughts on watching international baseball tournaments, which let me have a deeper understanding of baseball. The most important of all is the invaluable friendship forged among us. I exchanged my contact information with others and we stay connected after this event.


Q: What kind of College events are you fond of? What is your participation in these activities meant for you?


I always stay alert to College events. Since various activities in the community gradually resumed, Chung Chi has been organising a broad variety of events. I won’t hesitate to join the activities which I find interesting. I also aspire to be equipped with more new skills and am looking forward to joining the Japanese exchange tour through the College’s EYE Award scheme, in which I can learn Japanese and explore the Japanese culture by interacting with the locals. Participating in College events enables me to meet more people and get exposed to more new things, which helps nurture my growth. What’s more, it also broadens my vision and lets me see the world from different perspectives, and avoid myself going down a blind alley.


Mr. Chan said he won’t hesitate to join the College activities which he finds interesting. He also aspires to be equipped with more new skills.


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