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Unspoken Beauty of Europe in Vivid Snapshots


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As a common saying goes, “Travelling brings about far greater benefits than mere book learning.” Travelling is not all about sightseeing, but also implies broadening horizons, exploring foreign history and cultures, as well as nurturing our minds and souls. Ms. Ko Tsz Ki Sabrina (2023/Law), a recent Chung Chi graduate, realised her aspiration by joining the “Dreaming through Chung Chi Scheme 2022/2023” with this belief, and held the “Capturing Europe - A Photography Exhibition” at the Kunkle Student Centre in late June this year. How did Sabrina think of curating this exhibition? What significant message would she like to deliver to her visitors?


Sabrina aspired to share the anecdotes during her various trips to Europe with College students and staff through this photography exhibition.


Q: When did you start cultivating your interest in photography?  What inspired you to curate this exhibition?


When I was a secondary student, I occasionally took snapshots for school events. Since then, I have cultivated my interest in photography. As I am particularly interested in capturing images of architecture and landscapes, I have been taking more and more photos of these subjects. In the previous semester, I went on an exchange at Bocconi University, Italy. My flatmate was an Italian student majoring in fashion design. When she showcased her portfolio in her grad show, she also displayed some sketches visualising her creative ideas, which inspired me to think of exhibiting my photographic works. It happened that the College launched the “Dreaming through Chung Chi Scheme” during my final year of studies. I then submitted a proposal for narrating my exchange anecdotes in Italy with photographic works. Through images, words, and scores, I hoped to share my daily encounters in Europe with those who are also keen on photography, travelling, or exotic flavours.


Q: What was the exhibition about?  What would you like to deliver to your visitors?


The exhibition showcased the daily encounters of my exchange in Italy, amid them were the anecdotes during my stay in Milan for five months. It also brought together the photo narratives of Austria, Prague, Stockholm, and Barcelona. The exhibition juxtaposed my photographic works with some poems, including a work of renowned poet Robert Frost, and the scores which I used to play on the flute. I hoped the overall exhibition would be more enriching and engaging. My works are usually related to my daily life. I hope to connect life with images. For example, taking a photo of the bread I ate was nothing related to the bread itself, but what special occasion associated with this scenario. What travelling truly means is delving into the daily life of the locals and trying to understand what they think and feel. That’s what I aspire to deliver to my visitors.


Some of the photographic works of Sabrina taken during her trips to Europe.


Q: Have you encountered any difficulties in your debut exhibition?  How did you feel after the end of the exhibition?


My sincere thanks to the College’s support of my exhibition in terms of funding and venue arrangement, as well as the wholehearted contribution from Chung Chi staff, which enabled the smooth implementation of this exhibition. Instead of difficulties, I have learned about how to make use of some retouching software to enhance the visual effects of my photographic works while curating this exhibition. What’s more, as I always stayed around the event venue at the Kunkle Student Centre, I came across a lot of Chung Chi students and staff who are also fond of travelling and photography. I was so excited and surprised when some even shared with me their photos taken in the same place that I have snapped, and exchanged their views with me, which has become an invaluable experience for me. My passion for photography never ceases and I would create more photo narratives to recount my expeditions in foreign lands for lifelong memories.



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