GECC3230 Service-Learning Programme (Local)


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Chung Chi College General Education Upper-Year Course

GECC3230 Service-Learning Programme (Local)

2024/25 Term 1



  • To cultivate a sense of community service in Chung Chi students;
  • To provide students with opportunities to get in touch with different segments of society, broadening their horizons, and strengthening their critical thinking on social issues; and
  • To provide students with opportunities to further develop personal growth and enhance social skills through reflective journals, evaluation meetings, and discussions in seminars.



Students in 2024/25:

  • In 3rd year of attendance or above (Non-Social Work major students with normative study period of 4 years or above)
  • In 2nd year of attendance or above (Non-Social Work major students with normative study period of 3 years)
  • No constraints to study year (Non-Social Work major students with normative study period of 2 years)


Language : Cantonese


Quota: 28







Team Building, Agency/ Field Visits, Meeting with Service Targets



Service design and implementation, reflection

The specific service dates will depend on the arrangements of the organization and the content of the students' service plans.



Presentation, Group report, individual reflective essay, and intra-group evaluation form


Service Group

Students will participate in one of the following service groups of 4 team members to conduct at least 80 hours of service.




People with Hearing Disability

  • Service targets are students with different levels of hearing disability.
  • The group aims to enhance students’ social skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, emotional management, and understanding of the community through activity-based learning programmes; support Saturday Parent-Child Sign Language Class by assisting in teaching and creating teaching aids; and promote sign language and deaf culture.
  • Service will be conducted in Ngau Tau Kok and Mong Kok.
  • Students are required to serve as volunteers in June, so as to engage the service targets and explore their needs.

SLCO Community Resources

Ethnic Minorities

  • The group aims to enhance EM children’s interest in learning Chinese through a variety of activities. Students can also explore the needs of youth, women, and families through the service.
  • Service will be conducted in Jordon.
  • Students are required to serve as volunteers in June, so as to engage the service targets and explore their needs.

Ultimate United, Hong Kong

Rehabilitated Substance Abusers and their families

  • Service targets are psychotropic substance abusers and their families.
  • Service will be conducted in Tseung Kwan O.
  • Students will participate in the group activities in Centre in June to get in touch with the service targets. After that, the group will conduct service according to the service target needs.

Rainbow Lutheran Centre, LC-HKS


Community Bridging


  • Service targets are residents in Yau Ma Tei district.
  • The group will conduct visits in the community and interview residents. Other than co-organizing activities to the community, students will also design electronic community maps, recording the remarkable highlights and stories, which enrich the community bonding.
  • Students will participate in training sessions related to social design in June.

Lokday Culture


  • Service targets are outsourced cleaning workers.
  • Service will be conducted in Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei.
  • Activity dates:
  • Through visiting the cleaning workers in the community and engaging in experiential activities, students will gain an understanding of the outsourced cleaning system in Hong Kong, become acquainted with the daily operations of cleaners, and gain insights into the difficulties and situations they face. The aim is to "reflect" on the value of caring for the impoverished and put students’ learning into practice and show concern for grassroots communities through community service.

Mission to New Arrivals

Agri-food Education and Urban-Rural Symbiosis

  • Service targets are CUHK students and the food and agriculture education communities.
  • The main service location is the CUHK campus (especially Chung Chi College student halls) and farms in Sheung Shui.
  • Students will engage in activities such as collecting community food waste, composting, and farming to understand how community agriculture and food and agriculture education can foster urban-rural symbiosis. They will then collaborate with Chung Chi College student halls and other CUHK communities to plan and implement a more sustainable edible campus. There will also be opportunities to connect with primary, secondary, kindergarten, and special schools to promote food and agriculture education.

Biscuit Farm


Briefing Session

Date: 25 January (Thursday) | Time: 3:30-4:30 pm

Venue: Alumni Room, LG/F, Chung Chi College Administration Building

The Briefing Session will be conducted in Cantonese. Please register via the online form:



Joint Application for Summer Programme

Application Period: From 12 January at 2pm to 6 February at 2pm

Webform Link:



Miss Prisca Chan | Chung Chi College Service-Learning Centre

Phone:3943 1022 | Centre Website: