Student Helper Recruitment: Carbon Neutral Garden at Chung Chi (Filming)


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Chung Chi College will set up a carbon neutral garden to enhance the awareness of carbon neutrality on campus and encourage teachers and students to actively participate in carbon emissions reduction.


Chung Chi students are invited to take part in a short video shoot introducing "Carbon Neutrality in Chung Chi", and to demonstrate the set challenges. Student helper award of HK$64 per hour will be provided.


Date: 8 April (Mon) 

Time: 2 – 4pm

Location: Fai She Terrance next to Chung Chi Tang Student Canteen

Points to note:

1. Please wear clothing that allows you to to move around easily.

2. Working hours may be adjusted based on the shooting progress.



Enquiries: Mr. Kelvin Yu of Chung Chi College Office ( 39439698)