Teachers and Alumni of Chung Chi Awarded HKSAR Honours


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In the 2023 Honours List of the HKSAR Government, a number of Chung Chi teachers and alumni are among the recipients accorded honours or awards in recognition of their significant contributions to Hong Kong or for their dedicated public and community services. The awarded College teachers and alumni are listed as follows:


Hong Kong Correctional Services Medal for Distinguished Service

Mr. Ng Chiu Kok (1998/ Economics)


Bronze Bauhinia Star

Ms. Cheung Pui Lin Josephine, JP (1987/ English)

Mr. Huang Ling Hang Lincoln, JP (1978/ Marketing)


Medal of Honour

Mr. Ho Wing Cheong (1986/ Social Work)


Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service

Ms. Chik Po Ying Annie (1989/ Chinese Language and Literature)

Ms. Chiu Wai Han Jenny (1993/ Sociology)

Professor Ngai Sek Yum Steven (Professor of the Department of Social Work)

Mr. Wong Ting Hong (1996/ Mathematics)


Justices of the Peace

Professor Poon Wai Yin (Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, Wei Lun Professor of Statistics)

Ms. Wong Yin Yee (1987/ Sociology)


Our hearty congratulations!

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