10 December 2023 Sunday Service - Coming…That Means You're Not There? - Rev. LI Kwan Hung Leo


Pastoral Care / News

You are welcome to join the Chung Chi College Chapel Sunday Service on 10 December 2023, or view the live broadcast via the following channels, both are supported with the Putonghua and English simultaneous interpretation


The live broadcast will start at 10:30am on Sunday, you are welcome to view the live broadcast via the following channels. 

Link 1:

Link 2:


The live broadcast will be available at the ZOOM Webinar platform as well, with the English / Putonghua simultaneous interpretation support.  For details, please refer to: 

Zoom Webinar Link:

Zoom Webinar ID:924 3772 2732



Webinar User Guide


Sunday Service Bulletin for 10 December 2023



1. 若出現不適如:發燒或咳嗽等相關症狀,請盡早就醫,並在家休息。

2. 大堂及樓座亦均開放予會眾入座。